Business Plan - Feasibility Check

Business Plan - Feasibility Check
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There are basic deliverables that are always present in the output from this service. This foundation can be seen below:

  • Organization Characteristics
    • Current Goals, Objectives and Strategies
    • Direction
    • Constraints
    • Timeframe
  • Assumptions
    • Business Assumptions
    • Volumetrics
  • General Market Analysis
    • Projected Market Size
      • Sustainability
      • Customer Base
        • Characteristics
        • Leverage Concepts
      • Opportunities and Evolution
  • Market and Industry Position
    • Market Share
    • Emerging Technology Impact Patterns
      • Past Trends
      • Future Trends (by specific technology)
  • Risks and Exposure
    • Risk Profile
    • Exposure Analysis
    • Acknowledged Challenges

Additional deliverables may be added to the output, based on the findings of the specific analysis.

How good is your business plan? How risky?


You have your business plan. The next step is to decide if it has a possibility of working. SIL's Business Plan - Feasibility Check looks at a plan to understand the attainability of your objectives and validity of your methods for reaching them within a single business area or product line.

The report provides an analysis on and commentary of planned strategies. It shows some deep views on characterization for the business, or a single division, including risk and exposure profiles. Additional information is including on known drivers to success.

Some examples of how this service has been used by organizations include:

We are applying for a loan for our new business. It is a small manufacturing facility for custom, small batch items and we want to extend our services to online ordering.

  • Analysis report summary – Great market, low competition in the geographic area, sparse competition for the online market. Listed eight critical success factors, three crucial failure factors.
  • Commentary included: Critical need to control possible intellectual property protection, so careful terms of usage mandatory. Pricing sensitive to final weight and speed. Structure for high peaks of usage critical, since the market is volatile and can rise to 720% normal levels in particular months. 

We are thinking of expanding our business to include a new service line.

  • Analysis report summary – Risky idea. The stated service line is competing with established competitors, and the business plan does not show a competitive difference in pricing or value. Nine critical success factors were identified along with 19 crucial failure factors.
  • Commentary included: Three attempts at penetrating this market have failed in the last year. The average loss was $1.3M. Something must be offered that is unique or of demonstratable value to succeed. Even with that, the established offerings will cut market to less than 27% of target in the business plan for the first two years.
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Project Length1 week
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