Cyber Crime: Keeping Data Safe from Security Incursions - A Visual Summary

Cyber Crime: Keeping Data Safe from Security Incursions - A Visual Summary
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All of cyberspace and its underlying infrastructure is vulnerable to a wide range of risk and exposure from both physical and cyber threats and perils. Sophisticated cyber individuals and groups exploit standalone and congregated vulnerabilities to steal money and information, or disrupt, endanger and damage operations. The combination of wide opportunity for crime in cyberspace and the ability to execute from geographically-dispersed locations has produced a transformation of traditional criminal activities. Cyberspace is extremely difficult to secure. The increasing integration between cyberspace and the physical world has exponentially expanded the opportunities for theft, damage and corruption. Reducing vulnerabilities and minimizing consequences in complex cyber networks are the goals, but ones that are increasingly difficult to achieve. Research data was compiled by SIL from over 7.2 million reporting organizations of real-world impact on business security based on platform architecture. Information about security effectiveness forms the base data, supplemented by threat and security information from the Global Security Watch (GSW) whose main focus is the impact on business operation, organizational assets, and prevention and remediation costs. The findings of this analysis are encapsulated in an SIL white paper and presented in this infograph as a visual summary.

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