Business Impacts on SAP Deployment

Business Impacts on SAP Deployment
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The move to enterprise applications such as SAP has been a prevalent trend for many years. As more organizations implement the integrated enterprise processing and business support, the challenge of selecting the correct platform has increased. The very nature of an ERP system makes the selection of the platform difficult, since the collective processing mixes significantly different types of activities, ranging from OLTP to complex data analysis.

The choice has to support the flexible capacity demands that are produced by the combination of layers of diverse users and varied IT activities. The selection of the optimal platform for SAP must include technical and business factors. Since the impact of platform for an SAP deployment is a difficult one to quantify on this level.

Solitaire Interglobal Ltd. (SIL) gathered data from 50K+ customers and performed analysis to provide a clear understanding of the benefits and relative costs that can be seen when organizations implement IBM Power platforms as part of their SAP IT architecture. The study finds that there are significant benefits from deploying SAP ERP systems on Power platforms. These range from the overall costs (TCO and TCA), risk and security to customer satisfaction and perceived value.

This analysis has been primarily directed at the value of that platform use from a business perspective, so that those whose role it is to provide business leadership can understand the benefit of the IBM Power architecture in deployment and operation of their SAP ERP systems.

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