Comparative SAS in DM and BDA Deployments

Comparative SAS in DM and BDA Deployments
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A client looking to purchase software for their big data analysis (BDA) and data mining (DM) asked if SIL could help answer the following questions:

  • What are the comparative advantages of SAS products used in BDA and DM in the areas of required functionality, flexibility and efficiency?
  • If there are factors that significantly affect this, what are they?

SIL analyzed a total of 26,132 different organizations and projects to understand the strengths of the SAS software offerings in the BDA and DM space. These include SAS offerings of their main software, and special focus products, such as Data Miner (SASDM), DataFlux, Visual Analytics, etc., that are more targeted toward BDA. The behavior of the SAS products has been compared to the general product offerings in the marketplace, as well as the factors that contribute to those advantages. The fidings of this analysis are shown in this query.

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