Cyber Security and Pervasive Encryption - A Summary

New Cyber Security and Pervasive Encryption - A Summary
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The changing face of computing is a ripple effect of the way that organizations and people are increasingly connecting via the internet.

Cyberspace is extremely difficult to secure. The increasing integration between cyberspace and the physical world has exponentially expanded the opportunities for theft, damage, and corruption. Emerging targets for crime are multiplying as the connection between the cyber world, and the physical one develops new associations. 

The trend is accelerating, and the challenges are becoming overwhelming. Reducing vulnerabilities and minimizing consequences in complex cyber networks are the goals, but ones that are increasingly difficult to achieve. The basic approach to security is proving to be inadequate to the demands of the aggressive nature of the environment. A paradigm shift is necessary and soon.

This executive summary looks at a study about the use of Pervasive Encryption as a security tool to provide protection in the growing cyberwar. 

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