Subscription Services - Enterprise

Subscription Services - Enterprise
Product Code: SUBS-ENTR-01

SIL's Subscription Service provides a long-term relationship with an organization that is mutually beneficial to both SIL and the client organization. In such a relationship, the client organization pays a fixed fee for annual support that covers strategic services from SIL for all of their process and organizational systems within IT. It also ensures a leveraged cost if non-IT analysis is needed by the client organization. Within the subscription service, SIL monitors all IT systems for projected problems, notifying the client organization when thresholds are approached and patterns of concern are determined. With SIL's extensive heuristic data, these monitoring reports are both comprehensive and thorough.

As part of the subscription service, SIL provides formal Capacity Planning twice a year, as well as unlimited access to certain other SIL services. These are:

            Threshold Analysis
            Rollout Impact Analysis
            Green Initiative Analysis
            General Predictive Modeling
            Application Risk Analysis
            Cloud Computing Analysis
            Quick Query Services (QQ)

Where the SIL service desired is not part of the subscription package, subscription customers are extended significant discounts on other SIL services. Signup and renewal for subscription services occur on specific calendar dates during the year. SIL opens only a limited number of subscription opportunities each year, so interested clients are encouraged to begin a discussion with the appropriate SIL contact at least several months in advance of the possible subscription initiation date.

Whatever the type of IT or organizational system that is under support, SIL's comprehensive fixed fee subscription services provide important insights into risks and opportunities. With SIL's extensive experience and data, those insights are comprehensive and actionable, with detailed information on costs, risks and critical decision points.