Analytics Posture Assessment

Analytics Posture Assessment
Product Code: STRA-APA-01

There are basic deliverables that are always present in the output from this service. This foundation can be seen below:

  • General analysis of problem areas, risk and exposure hot spots and procedural shortfalls
  • Critical functionality, structure and controls of the assessment
  • Definitions of normal terms for an assessment
  • Resource and skill lists
  • Task completion metrics
  • Critical success and failure issues
  • Project plan for the assessment effort
  • Prioritized summary of the issues
  • Ranked list of solutions with costs, benefits, timelines and risks
  • Metrics and measurements used to monitor a deployment for ongoing risk and exposure

Additional deliverables may be added to the output, based on the findings of the specific analysis.

SIL's extensive experience with analytics over decades of operation gives SIL an unmatched capability to help organizations understand the challenges of deploying analytics and incorporating that deployment into the decision process of the organization.

Many organizations have deployed analytics without truly understanding how to incorporate the findings that result from analytics into the construction of organizational strategies and tactics. SIL provides insight into the critical success and failure factors that allow an organization to build analytics into a useful component of the ongoing operation. In this area, SIL's 35+ years of real-world information allows SIL to evaluate an organization's current posture on analytics and to identify changes that allow an organization to effectively leverage findings from the analytics process. The SIL service provides a thorough analysis of the roadmap to incorporating analytics into organizational process flow. This enables an accurate planning and budgeting cycle for better utilization of the analysis assets. With SIL's use of organizational dynamics, coupled with higher mathematical analysis techniques, a detailed and accurate assessment of organizational options are articulated.

The building of this type of plan requires minimal client resources and time (days rather than weeks) to provide needed data for each possible scenario. SIL focuses on the production of rapid analysis without building an army of consultants, and instead, leverages a growing set of artificial intelligence tools. SIL has unmatched speed of response, with the results produced in less than the time required by any other approach. SIL draws on information supplied by the client organization, coupled with a 200+ PB database of real-life project metrics, to prepare tailored reports. The reports contain recommendations, rated by cost and risk.

SIL's Analytics Posture Assessment service provides your organization with a roadmap to successful use of analytics, avoiding major pitfalls and useless expenditures. The clear articulation of the challenges and benefits from any form of analytics (standard, extended, integrated, big data, data mining, etc.) helps an organization to chart a path through the chaos of this emerging and essential area of business focus.

Engagement Model
Data CollectionFTP and email
Update FrequencySingle
Project Form
ExecutionSingle execution
Output Form
Size Range15-45 pages
MediaElectronic, limited hardcopy
Level of DetailCompany and situation specific
Timing and Schedule
Client Time Contribution<10 total hours for data collection
Project Length2-4 weeks
Delivery MechanismRemote meeting with screen display
Contract FormFixed bid
Payment ScheduleDeposit and completion