Sizing and Timing Analysis

Sizing and Timing Analysis
Product Code: ANLS-SIZ-TIM-01

There are basic deliverables that are always present in the output from this service. This foundation can be seen below:

  • Workload definition and sizing write-up
  • Methodology outline 
  • Overview of significant risk points and growth patterns
  • Compliance analysis
  • Threshold analysis 
  • Risk analysis
  • Topology changes, as needed
  • Impact forecast report
  • Definition of outstanding issues
  • Performance Model Verification (PMV) for selected optimizations, if requested by client
    • Validates the success of the project Predictive Performance Model (PPM)
    • Examines the closeness of implementation decisions to the PPM assumptions and volumetrics
    • Articulates overall success of the implementation

Additional deliverables may be added to the output, based on the findings of the specific analysis.

Solitaire’s Sizing and Timing Analysis compares a company's current storage limitations with selected corporate standards. A sizing analysis is performed on the company's financial data, including projected increases in storage requirements over the minimum or mandated retention period. Additional analysis is performed on the speed of backups and storage, which also incorporates network load and availability, to ensure the minimum of downtime while maintaining the required data, and to allow the organization to evaluate critical performance windows. This type of analysis is frequently performed in conjunction with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, and provides a window on the critical time frames that are associated with the increased need for data retention.

Since this type of study is normally done for a three to five year projection window, the study deliverables are separated into time slices, with anticipated capacity levels for all resources defined during and at the end of each time period. These resources include personnel as well as processing, network, and storage resources. The analysis associates the total cost of ownership for the system during that time frame, with suggested strategies for cost containment as appropriate.

The deliverables from this analysis are similar to those of the other operational SIL offerings. Additional information is available upon request.

Engagement Model
Data CollectionFTP and email
Update FrequencySingle
Project Form
ExecutionSingle execution
Output Form
Size Range15-45 pages
MediaElectronic, limited hardcopy
Level of DetailCompany and situation specific
Timing and Schedule
Client Time Contribution<10 total hours for data collection
Project Length3-4 weeks
Delivery MechanismRemote meeting with screen display
Contract FormFixed bid
Payment ScheduleDeposit and completion