SIL offers different forms of education, centered around topics in support of risk assessment, risk mitigation, performance and topics that arise from the extensive modeling that SIL does each year. These educational opportunities range from single session webinars to multi-session classes.

All SIL classes are constructed around a cycle of lecture, in-class exercises, examples and worksheets, reinforced by additional exercises that are to be comnpleted and submitted to the instructor prior to the next session. The goal of SIL education is an informed participant, able to translate the information in the educational experience into their professional life.

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Upcoming Classes and Webinars
SIL classes are planned with two layers. The first is the ongoing single session webinars that can be attended for no charge. Those are currently maintained on the calendar found on the home page. The second layer is the classes that are part of the SIL technical development curriculum. These classes have an associated class fee, and contain a more rigorous participation from the participant. The current schedule for those classes for the remainder of the 2015 calendar year can be seen below.


Class TitleIDStart  DateEnd DateStart Time
 Different Views, Different NewsDVDN0150310/28/2015 9 AM CT
 Success Tracking Metrics for Business  AnalyticsSTBM0147310/29/201511/5/20159 AM CT
 Fraud Pattern AnalysisFPAL0149811/10/201511/20/20159 AM CT
 IT Risk AssessmentITRA015461/19/20161/29/20169 AM CT


If you would like to attend a class but are unable to do so on the above dates, please send a message to and let us know which class you would like us to repeat.