Global Security Watch Enrollment Opens

Posted by admin 14/07/2015 0 Comment(s)

For the first time in our 35+ year history, SIL is opening up the Global Security Watch (GSW) group for open enrollment. Up to this point, membership has been restricted to those organizations that have a long-term relationship with SIL. The changing threat landscape, coupled with SIL's unmatched heuristic database and longevity of threat tracking have led SIL to develop threat intel information that is unique in the marketplace.

The requests to SIL for security exposure, trends and remediation strategic models have been escalating rapidly over the last 5 years. The recently completed review of SIL's business model and evolutionary steps highlighted a more effective handling of those requests by opening the enrollment. Many of SIL's clients have requested this change, since the cost benefit analysis of doing five or more security models in a year shows that the GSW would be more cost effective and complete.

The open enrollment is active as of now. A sample of the general level monthly newsletter has been made available for viewing by registered site users. This example is from some time ago, since posting current threat intel would violate our security protocols. The second level deliverable example for industry focus will be posted soon. Additional information on deliverables, etc. are listed on the GSW product pages.

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