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In the search for a safe and scalable platform on which to deploy a new venture, SIL embarked on a voyage of discovery. Part of that journey was the setting of criteria that would be needed to make the most informed decision possible. Although it was difficult to see past the urgent need for security, including data protection and privacy, there were other high priority requirements for the new venture to become a reality. That area of platform feasibility included the capability of the selected platform to scale since the demand for capacity would have significant peaks.


Additionally, the entire area of quality of service would need to be considered since the end customer response would be driven by consistent delivery and meeting expectations of speed.


Existing streaming services have significant issues with erratic delivery, broken links, and spotty coverage. Although the proposed new venture does not share many of the characteristics of current video streaming, its reception would be adversely affected by any of those problems.


With a significant growth potential and a worldwide launch planned, the nature of an active cyber market indicated a need to balance the risk of exploding demand against an infrastructure that could quickly and easily scale to address any level of capacity demand.


Realizing that the criteria in this area addressed the raw ability to scale, financial considerations were not addressed at this point. Instead, the ability of the platforms under consideration to handle peak workload without infrastructure modification and the load thresholds that could be maintained on an ongoing basis were examined.


Additional factors that played into the evaluation in this area included any delay in supplemental capacity availability and the degree of automation that was possible to remove the human element from the execution timeline.


The details of that evaluation can be seen here.

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