Shattering Myths - MF Staffing

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Any IT manager knows that finding qualified and capable staff is crucial to effective and efficient developmental and operational environments. The position of someone incorporating this illusory assumption into their critical thinking assumes a stance that assumes for mainframe deployments there are requirements for skills not readily available in the market. This would burden the ongoing operations with more difficulty in staffing any necessary position.


In addition to the logistics of finding and hiring people, the illusion associates a high cost to those mainframe resources. Although it is understandable that rare skills can command a higher price tag in the market, the unspoken underlying premise is that warm bodies staffing one scenario correspond to equal numbers of people staffing the alternative options.


Overall, this broad set of assumptions around mainframe staffing builds a case for ongoing high expenses and staffing difficulties that would continue to increase the risk of any deployment on the mainframe platform.


Nothing could be farther from the truth.


Read the full paper here!

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