The Security Explosion

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We have just passed the midway point of 2016, a time of evaluation, planning adjustment, and contemplation. At least it is for SIL. One of the most significant things that we examined at this time is the volume of models, and the composition of the model types and sources that have occurred during the first portion of the year.

After the explosive growth in overall models that occurred in 2015, our expectation was that we would see up to two times our count for the first two quarters of 2015 in this year. The actual volume was very far from that mark.

Our overall models have already exceeded by a factor of three what we did in the entirety of last year. The largest single source of that growth is security. It is very understandable that more organizations have heightened attention for security issues. Even with many types of incursions going on remarked, the number of reported incursions into the SIL Global Security Watch has seen an exponential growth.

As we move into the second half of 2016, our SIL market behavior models predict a continuing shift in how security responsibility is distributed within an organization. Based on the pattern of growth that we have been tracking for over 20 years, we expect 2016 to exceed 7 million models for security alone. The increased vigilance that is necessary for an organization to operate in today's world is a burden on all aspects of an operation. With SIL continuing to gather data and to analyze the trends and patterns of criminal activity against organizations via cyber warfare, we expect to see higher volatility, increasingly damaging incursion effects, and the result of an adversarial business environment within the Internet.

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