The Shift from Security to Asset Protection

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Normally at this time of the month, SIL looks at the overall volume of models that have been run in the last month. Although this is most frequently a general review of numbers and counts, the composition of the models, their conceptual targets and other factors are also examined. From the first perspective, in the last year there has been a steady increase in requested model levels from both a month-to-month and previous year comparison perspective. This increase has growth in both the number of organizations participating in the modeling pool and number of models per participant.

SIL has been tracking a trend that is responsible for a large contribution to those increases, which falls into the conceptual focus portion of the monthly analysis. And that trend is a shift from models that examined security incursions, exposures, etc. to ones that examine asset protection.

Security as a definitive practice is difficult to quantify, since its success is formed by reflective metrics, i.e., “My information didn't get hacked”, “My website has stayed up”, etc. Making business cases has been very difficult for any form of security due to the reflective aspects, relying on fear, uncertainty and doubt for the most part.

A growing trend or a change of perspective is that which focuses on asset protection as a proactive measure. The shift to asset protection is becoming a significant portion of SIL's model runs each month. This last month we have seen a threefold increase in the number of asset protection models that have been run. These models examine strategies, tactics, procedures and other methods of adding protection to organizational intellectual assets.

October's activity from a straight modeling perspective showed a 35% increase from the models run last month. That same activity in the month of October represented a 904.65% increase over October 2014. That translates into more than 10 times the models run just a simple year ago.

Of that massive increase more than 20% of the models were focused on asset protection. This shift in perspective is notable and indicates an opportunity for organizations that provide certain types of security tools to branch out into a more proactive and effective way of supporting business.

1 Comment(s)

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