Autumn - Leaves are falling and models rising

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September was a busy month for SIL, with new thresholds and delivery targets reached on a weekly basis. SIL performed over 250K models in the month of September which represents 1000%+ growth from the same month in 2014. Many factors have driven this growth. The base of the increase is the unmatched resource provided by the SIL database, which allows anonymous collaboration for organizations, worldwide. Another significant advantage is the speed of SIL response. By leveraging the IP developed over 35 years of SIL operations, the delivery time for critical research and point analysis findings is more than 7.4 times faster than alternative methods. In fact, based on more than 22,500 client feedback estimates, the SIL delivery time is 20 times faster than the other options experienced by those clients.

Many SIL clients start out with sporadic requests for analysis, but then find that the ease of request and delivery, coupled with the high quality of the deliverables, translates into significant value for their organizations. The result is that the number of models per client continues to increase, as well as the rising rate of new client enrollment.

Many clients are using SIL and a supplement to or in lieu of their own analytics departments. This growing trend means that organizational budgets are kept lean and trackable benefits from analytics result.

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