Changing Battlefield for Security

Posted by admin 17/08/2015 1 Comment(s)

The complexities of security attacks have been increasing as the defenders of organization assets get more skilled. The change to multi-pronged and multi-vector attacks has stymied many businesses, in that the connection between the pieces of the assault can be tenuous, or split by time and source. The ability to "connect the dots" of this type of picture is not widespread and calls for more collaboration than most organizations have with their peers, competitors and partners.

One form of this attack type is increasing rapidly and forms a flanking maneuver around many of the existing security protocols. That form has as its base the acquisition of wealth via stock manipulation. The components are four-fold:
     1 - successful (or semi-successful) incursion
     2 - social media campaign to advertise the successful incursion, sowing fear, uncertainty and doubt
     3 - acquisition via short (or naked short) purchases of stock as its value drops
     4 - sale of recovered stock

This category of attack crosses boundaries that are not normally crossed, among departments that have limited communications. The effectiveness of the attacks is very high and the response options are not many. Constructing mechanism to proactively defend against this vector and building a response to occurrence are starting to define another area and shape of organizational security today.

1 Comment(s)

17/08/2015, 01:52:58 PM

Very interesting. Can you tell us what types of publicly traded companies are likely to be targets of this type of attack, e.g. high flying tech stocks or biotechs etc?

Dianne Almand:
19/08/2015, 01:20:20 PM

At the moment, oil companies, transportation and retail companies are the three top targets for this.

Kat Lind:
20/08/2015, 05:16:31 PM

Dianne is correct. Those are certainly the top industry concentrations. However, there is a much wider dispersal of attack that looks that the volatility and other factors in the company's operation that make an organization more or less vulnerable to the manipulation.

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