Hot Time in the Summer for Security

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Summer days traditionally mark the time for people to take vacations. Family availability and pleasant sightseeing environments encourage the middle of the year travel levels to be high. Somehow it seems a skewing of reasonability for the attacks on our computer infrastructure to be slanted toward these months. It is almost like the fact that we have fewer security personnel on duty to be a magnet for trouble - viruses, DoS attacks, etc. Of course, this makes sense if your goal is to breach, hack, steal and destroy.
Pick a time that defenders are sparse. Even those organizations that leverage tools to shore their IP safety need some level of human attention. So attack when the "second string" is on the playing field. Makes sense - right?

Apparently so much that the incursion count reported into the SIL Global Security Watch from worldwide clients for the month of July is just short of the total incursion count for ALL of 2014!

The rise of total incursions is a frequent topic of conversation - watched by many, worried about by millions. Now add to that the same considerations that athletic teams have for game coverage. Keep your A team always on duty - expand your roster, deepen your position headcount, make sure you have no sparse coverage. Because if you do, something will get through that you might have blocked if your best were on watch.

Oh - and have a nice summer.

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