Tracking Good Judgement

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How do you know if your decisions were good? Tracking success and shortfalls has been shown to be a key ingredient to a truly successful strategy, whether personal or professional. It is frequently difficult to articulate how well a decision has played out, which is why few companies provide any tracking of projects they have completed for their clients. SIL is different in that we track our client outcomes to constantly refine the effectiveness and accuracy of the SIL models. This predictive model verification (PMV) is included in all SIL Subscriptions and Overwatch engagements. Those clients are provided a concise summary of how successful the strategy or project has become, with periodic updates. 

Where many organizations are fumbling for concise metrics, SIL has been quietly producing success and shortfall tracking and metrics for decades. Even when an engagement is not a long-term project or subscription, SIL has several mechanisms for providing the metrics that organizations need. The most straightforward method is to add PMV to an engagement, providing checkpoint and continuing verification. If there is a history of SIL engagements, there are two options available. Where a SIL client has continued to submit feedback and data on their project (attached client), a minimized fixed cost PVM Summary is available when desired. For those SIL clients that have not been providing the updates on an ongoing basis (unattached client), the project can be "reattached" by providing project updates and having SIL execute an updated base model, after which a PMV engagement can be started.

Metrics and tracking of success allow the socialization of achievement, provide timely feedback to catch emerging problems and carry long-term benefits for the organization or individual that uses the measurements and metrics wisely. SIL spends hundreds of thousands of hours every year on making sure that we continue to improve. And we want our clients to be just as successful.

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