Mission and History


Solitaire Interglobal Ltd.'s mission is to be the leading supplier of predictive performance expert services, providing rapid analysis and recommendations for resolution of your business-critical issues by leveraging years of investment in artificial intelligence tools.



Solitaire Interglobal Ltd. (SIL), is headquartered in Northeastern Illinois and was founded in 1978 to fill a service gap that existed in the IT and general business market. SIL has focused on ways of providing rapid analysis to their clients without building an army of consultants, and has instead leveraged a growing set of artificial intelligence tools. This core concept has led to the use of advanced mathematical techniques and the ongoing development of a number of complex analytical tools. Solitaire's 30+ years of project experience is captured in an extensive database, providing detailed analytical information.



Solitaire works with over 4,800 worldwide clients on an ongoing basis, and performs over 500,000 models per year in support of both the subscription clients and those that require SIL services on a more limited engagement timeframe.

SIL works with the industry as a whole, and has no specific affiliation with any one vendor or organization. The ability to mine the accumulated worldwide, industry-wide data that has continued to build over the years puts SIL in the unique position of being able to provide an unbiased perspective for organizations trying to evaluate their purchase, strategic and philosophical direction. While SIL works with many commercial organizations, it also provides comprehensive assistance to government organizations, educational institutions, think tanks and individuals.


Data Acquisition and Usage

SIL gets data from a wide range of sources. Hardware and software providers, clients, governments and a variety of other agencies provide data for SIL's heuristic database. All client data that goes into the database is scrubbed of specific source, retaining only classification and characteristic information, such as organization size, industry, etc. SIL has been deeply involved in the establishment of industrial standards and performance certification for the last several decades and has been conducting active information gathering for the Operational Characterization Master Study (OPMS) - chartered to develop better understanding of IT-centric organizational costs and behavioral characteristics. The OPMS has continued to build SIL's heuristic database, currently exceeding 200 PB of information. The increased statistical base improves SIL accuracy and analytical turnaround to unmatched levels in the industry.


SIL gathers more than just IT-related information. Economic, geopolitical, geophysical, and other types of data enhance all SIL analyses by providing a comprehensive view of any situation, rather than trying to characterize issues in isolation. This incorporates human, computer, political, physical and other spheres for expanded insight into risks and solutions. 


The SIL database contains a wealth of information about real-world experience. Using this resource, SIL offers a unique ability to identify critical success and failure factors for any area under consideration.