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Who is Solitaire Interglobal Ltd. (SIL)?

Contain Costs, Avoid Risk

In today's economic climate, the importance of cost containment and risk mitigation has increased, even as staffing levels have been reduced and the demand for increased market responsiveness and functionality skyrockets. Essential to keeping on that course is the understanding of the risks and possible benefits of your planned course.

SIL offers a fully integrated set of services that focus on the rapid analysis of complex IT components. These services include: RFP bid analysis, hardware sizing, proposal bonding, application risk analysis, implementation support, code translation service, audits, predictive performance analysis, and capacity planning. Having SIL join your team will give you the expertise you need. It could save you millions.

Unbiased and objective, Solitaire Interglobal Ltd. can help - with an unmatched knowledge repository, years of detailed risk and cost data and the ability to extract meaningful analysis on a short schedule. Solitaire does not sell hardware or software, instead providing intelligent business analysis and data for thousands of companies worldwide.

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In Security, Platform Matters!

In Security, Platform Matters!

admin 07/03/2016 0
Cyberspace is getting scary! The number of incursions that has been reported to the Global Security Watch for 2015 represents a massive increase from the previous years. The complexity of the attacks, the scope of resulting damages, and the longevity of the window of injury, are all growing. A recen...
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The Shift from Security to Asset Protection

The Shift from Security to Asset Protection

admin 04/11/2015 0
Normally at this time of the month, SIL looks at the overall volume of models that have been run in the last month. Although this is most frequently a general review of numbers and counts, the composition of the models, their conceptual targets and other factors are also examined. From the first per...
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Autumn - Leaves are falling and models rising

Autumn - Leaves are falling and models rising

admin 08/10/2015 0
September was a busy month for SIL, with new thresholds and delivery targets reached on a weekly basis. SIL performed over 250K models in the month of September which represents 1000%+ growth from the same month in 2014. Many factors have driven this growth. The base of the increase is the unmatched...
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Top Query List - Last Six Months

Top Risk Queries

      1. Total security vulnerability risk assessment
      2. Analytics cost analysis
      3. Feasibility risk assessment
      4. Analytics governance
      5. Analytics feasibility and impact projection

Top Performance Queries

      1. Management structure performance model
      2. Supply chain performance projection
      3. Logistics performance analysis and projection
      4. Business process latency analysis
      5. Sales structure performance

Top Infrastructure Queries

      1. Aging infrastructure projection
      2. Business case construction for infrastructure replacement
      3. Energy savings analysis
      4. Component decay analysis
      5. Production throughput analysis - manufacturing

Top Information Technology Queries

      1. Security vulnerability analysis
      2. Security incursion impact analysis
      3. Strategic infrastructure planning
      4. Cloud computing impact and risk analysis
      5. Big Data Analytics sizing

Top Financial Queries

      1. Expansion financial impact analysis
      2. Operational Forex analysis and projection
      3. Merger and acquisition analysis and risk assessment
      4. Divestiture analysis and summation
      5. Downsizing financial impact analysis

Top Organizational Impact Queries

      1. Site consolidation impact analysis
      2. Insourcing impact analysis
      3. Merger and acquisition staffing impact analysis
      4. Geographic distribution impact analysis
      5. Personnel policy modification impact analysis